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Sunday, July 15, 2018

‘WA1RKS’ Ham Radio Biography

  First encounter with Code, was in the Boy Scouts. We built crystal sets, and code practice oscillators. Second encounter was in the Army as a Radio Op.1960-63. Hq Co,20th Eng, Bn., Rivers Bks Giessen Germany. Obtained my first ticket in 1972, then upgraded to General in 1975. Primary interests are VHF & UHF.  Worked 1st transatlantic 6m qsos in 1979. (Mostly cross band in those days, lots of Eu, did not have 6m bands available to their ops) so we operated, crossed banded between 10m on their end,and 6m from this end. Worked early Oscars, AO-7, AO-8, RS-3-11. Robots, etc, in early 70's. Still chasing LEO's, today. HF limited, work 10,12,15,17,20 meters, like 160 Top band. Plus 80,60, 40m also, home brewing, antennas, amps, small projects etc. Other interests are Chess, Bass Fishing, any techno involvements. Hope to work you on the air! Look for me on 6m, and especially on the Birds! (AMSAT # 38365) (Smirk # 6471 ) (SKCC # 931) ,(IFC # 918 ) (NAQCC#3730) - 73, Good Dx! De “Ellis” WA1RKS.